7290 Spray Wash Kit
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Bionix 7290 OtoClear Ear Spray Wash Kit

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Bionix 7290 OtoClear Ear Spray Wash Kit Overview

The OtoClear Ear Spray Wash Kit comes packaged with everything you need for easy and safe removal of cerumen (ear wax) from the ear canal. This kit is an upgrade from a simple syringe, providing a more adequate stream for better, more effective ear wax cleaning. The spray bottle is manually operated by hand and therefore this kit is best suited for low volume facilities. For high volume facilities, the automated counterpart will save you time and energy.

This system is so easy to use, just fill, spray and throw away (the tip)! My patients prefer it over anything else, as the stream is so gentle. Patients are shocked at how well it cleans their ears. - Doctor's Review of Spray Wash Kit

Features and Benefits:

  • Patients will love the soft touch and quiet operation
  • Ensure comfortable water temperature with built-in temp gauge
  • Minimized risk of injury, because water is sprayed at the ear canal walls, not the tympanic membrane
  • Flared shape means you don't have to worry about over-insertion
  • Ear basin catches water drips, virtually eliminating cleanup

What makes this kit better than others?

This kit is perfect for patients that are sensitive to noise, as some of the automatic ear wash systems are quite loud. The manual operation with short bursts of water is much quieter and more tolerable. The spray bottle itself has a built-in temperature gauge so you can rest assured the water temperature is suitable for the procedure.

The real secret lies in the gentle touch ear tips. They are soft and comfortable for the patient and feature a flared design so they can't be inserted too far into the ear canal. Instead of spraying water directly at the tympanic membrane, these tips utilize 3 divergent streams aimed at the wall of the ear canal. This is a much safer approach and minimized any discomfort, pain or complications. Exit ports in the tip provide drainage into the provided ear basin, leaving you with little to no cleanup.

I made an appointment with my doctor after experiencing muffled hearing. This is the spray bottle my doctor used and it was surprisingly a comfortable experience. The water was warm and it didn’t hurt whatsoever. After a few sprays, the doctor showed me what had flushed out. I saw a few huge chunks of wax. My hearing was fully restored! This cleaned my ears great. - Patient's Review of Spray Wash Kit

What's Included:

  • (1) 470ml Spray Wash Bottle
  • (20) OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tips
  • (1) Ear Basin (to catch any drips)

What is a Typical Procedure like?

Who better to walk us through a typical procedure with the OtoClear Spray Wash Kit, than its inventor, Dr. James Huttner M.D., PH.D. Dr. Huttner is a pediatrician and knows first hand that good equipment makes a doctors job easier. The following describes how he handles an ear irrigation procedure.

  1. The doctor should place a drape over the patient's shoulder in the event of any stray drips. Don't go crazy, as this kit's unique design prevents backsplash.
  2. The ear basin is placed against the patients head, directly under the ear. The ear basin features a cupped design so it fits perfectly below the ear and keeps the patient's clothing clean and dry. You can ask the patient to hold it in place while you proceed with the procedure.
  3. Place the tip inside of the patient's ear and squeeze the trigger to give a good, vigorous irrigation. About 5 or 6 shots will do. The ear basin can be examined to see what debris has been removed thus far.
  4. Once again, use your otoscope to examine the ear canal. On occasion, the wax will come out in large chunks and doesn't fit through the exit portal on the ear tip. In these circumstances, the large chunks come to the end of the ear canal and can be removed using an ear curette.
  5. Finally, look in the ear canal with your otoscope one last time to make sure all the ear wax has been removed.
  6. Don't forget to dry the patient's ear canal to prevent the formation of otitis externa. For this job, a piece of twisted tissue paper will suffice. Place it at the entry to the ear canal and allow it to absorb any remaining water.
  7. Lastly, discard the OtoClear tip. It is a single use tip and should not be reused or re-cleaned.

In Conclusion

Whenever an ear irrigation procedure takes place, there is always the possibility for discomfort, otitis externa or being unsuccessful in removing stubborn cerumen. This Ear Spray Wash Kit diminished these risk. When it comes to safety, comfort and effective treatment, the OtoClear Spray Wash Kit is the clear choice for patients of all ages.

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