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Bionix 7200 OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tips

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Bionix 7200 Otoclear Ear Irrigation Tips Overview

Bionix 7200 OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tips are touted as the new gold standard when it comes to ensuring patient comfort and safety during ear irrigation procedures. To understand why the OtoClear tips are far superior to anything else on the market, we need to examine the material and unique construction of the tips and also the method in which disperse water.

Features and Benefits:

  • Greater level of patient comfort thanks to the soft material used in the manufacturing process
  • Increased safety due to the flared tip which prevents over insertion
  • Minimized risk of irritating or puncturing the tympanic membrane due to divergent streams that direct water at ear canal walls
  • No backsplash means less cleanup thanks to the tight fit and exit holes which allow drainage to the ear basin
  • Reduced costs with possible reimbursement and no sterilization costs since tips are single-use preventing cross-contamination

Gentle Touch Benefits

OtoClear tips are manufactured with a soft material termed the Gentle Touch design. This proprietary material enhances patient comfort when inserted into the ear. The tip itself is flexible and bends, unlike rigid plastic. This allows the tip to form a tighter fit within the ear canal, eliminating messy backsplash onto the doctor and patient. The tip is designed with several exit ports, so a tight fit can be achieved during the entire duration of washing the ear, and the water will simply flow out through the exit portholes in the tip and into the water basin held under the patient's ear. Less mess, less cleanup!

Innovative Flared Design

These tips also feature a flared design. One end of the tip, which is inserted furthest into the ear canal is very narrow. As you move towards the opposite end of the tip the diameter continually increases. At its widest point, the tip end that connects to the ear irrigation device is large enough to prevent over-insertion into the ear which otherwise could possibly lead to injuring or damaging the tympanic membrane.

Method of Water Dispersion

Now let's discuss how the OtoClear ear irrigation tips disperse water and why it matters. Traditional tips can spray water directly into the ear canal at the tympanic membrane. Not only can this cause discomfort of pain, but it also runs the risk of a possible puncture. Bionix's tips are made to shoot three streams of water, at an angle of 30 degrees. Instead of spraying the tympanic membrane directly, the streams are directed at the wall of the ear canal. This makes the tip more effective at removing cerumen and greatly minimizes the risk of injury.

Why Bionix Tips "Make Cents"

This product really pays for itself. These tips are about half the cost of comparable methods. Average Medicare reimbursement per procedure for a non-facility comes to $12.89. A box of #7200 OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tips consists of 40 tips, enough for 40 procedures. Based on these figures, it only takes a few procedures to break even. Revenue generated by using one box of tips is just over $500. To calculate total return on investment, simply subtract the cost of the tips. As you can see, from a cost perspective the Bionix tips "make cents."


OtoClear tips are compatible with both of Bionix's manual and automatic irrigation kits, as well as a standard syringe. The manual version is called the Spray Wash Kit and the automatic version is called the Ear Lavage System (or Waterpik).

From a Patients Perspective:

Our daughter had complained in the past about the ear wash being uncomfortable. She was able to tolerate the procedure much better with this new tip. - OtoClear Patient

Reviews from Medical Professionals:

Our office is very happy with the soft tips. They are easier to maneuver in the ear canal and more comfortable for the patient. - Laura Griffith, MA

The design of the new OtoClear tips makes ear irrigation a breeze. I no longer have to worry about over-inserting the tip and my regular patients have commented that they greatly prefer the feeling of this over any comparable tips I have used in the past.

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