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Bionix 2511 Lighted Articulating Ear Curette

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Bionix 2511 Lighted Articulating Ear Curette Overview

The Bionix Lighted Articulating Ear Curette solves the biggest problem healthcare providers face when performing cerumen or foreign body removal from the ear canal: the inability to see.

Not all innovations in the medical industry are high-tech - the Lighted Articulating Ear Curette stands out as a prime example. For years, doctors have removed ear wax with the aid of a hot-water gun or a disposable swab. Bionix's curette adds an LED diode to a plastic ear swab, allowing doctors to see inside the ear canal. "It's not high-tech, nothing earth-shattering, just an interesting idea simply put together," said Dr. Goldberg, director of the healthcare technologies management program at Maquette University. This means greater patient safety because physicians don't have to work in the dark any longer. - Business Week (Ten Devices Changing Medicine by Kurt Soller)

This unique curette illuminates the ear canal and provides magnification, greatly improving visualization to what has been a typically "blind" procedure. Blindly curetting in the ear canal is more likely to result in injury or pushing a foreign object even deeper. Therefore the benefits of this curette's design speaks for itself. 

But here's the best part:

This curette features an articulating tip that bends 90 degrees when the trigger of the device is pulled. This allows the healthcare professional to enter the ear canal with a straight tip and get behind the ear wax plug or foreign body. Once behind the obstruction, the trigger can be pulled, and the curette tip will bend 90 degrees, pulling the object towards the operator and out of the ear.

Features and Benefits:

  • Work behind the cerumen buildup or foreign body obstructing the ear canal
  • LED provides brilliant, bright light to quickly visualize the ear canal
  • Attached magnification lens improves the view of the ear canal and obstruction
  • Increased accuracy and patient safety, decreased risk of injuring the patient
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination and no sterilization hassles due to the curettes singe use design
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

How are they Packaged?

The lighted articulating ear curettes come 25 in a box. They are packaged in a single pouch for easy access.

The package includes:

  • (25) lighted articulating ear curette tips (verascoop 3mm wide tip)
  • (1) light source (lasts approximately 50 curettage procedures)
  • (1) magnification lens

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