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Bionix 2200 Light Source Handle

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Bionix 2200 Light Source Handle Overview

The 2200 LED Light Source Handle powers the entire line of Bionix lighted ear care tools. Great for ENT doctors (ear, nose, throat), audiologists, general practitioners and more! The light source handle is compatible with Bionix lighted ear curettes, lighted articulating ear curette, lighted suction, lighted forceps and the lighted placement tool.

What's the deal:

Procedures involving the ear canal, such as ear curettage, can often time be what's referred to as a blind procedure. Following ear irrigation procedures, the patient's ear canal is re-examined. It is normal for there to be compacted ear wax left behind. For this job, an ear curette can help remove any remaining cerumen. However, with the traditional steel curette, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to see inside the ear canal relying solely on your own eyes. Therefore, the term "blind procedure."

Here's the kicker:

The Bionix Light Source is a game changer. It allows for visualization of the ear canal by projecting a bright, white light through the clear plastic ear curette, all the way through the tip, thus illuminating the entire ear canal. Bionix's line of ear care tools also come with a magnifying lens to further enhance your view. Since the light source is small, we recommend using it with the Bionix Lanyard, sold separately, so it's easier to keep track of and isn't accidentally thrown out.

The end result?

  • Safer. The light source takes the guesswork out of curettage procedures. You can now operate with increased precision and the risks of injury to the ear canal or tympanic membrane greatly decrease.
  • Easier. You no longer need to worry about holding a separate light source such as a penlight or similar tool. You won't need to waste an assistant's time to hold a light either.
  • Faster. Find, visualize and remove cerumen in record-breaking time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of the light source? Is the battery replaceable?

The light source has an internal battery that will last approximately 50 ear curettage procedures. The battery is neither replaceable or rechargeable. A new light source is included when you reorder a new box of tips.

Assembly Instructions

Assembly is simple. Simply insert the ear curette or other lighted tool into the light source handle, being sure to align the pegs of the curette with the channels inside the light source. As you press down, begin to twist the curette clockwise as far as it will turn. The curette or other lighted tool is now locked in place. Only when locked in place will the LED light be activated. Always be sure the tool is securely locked in place before use. The light source is spring loaded and if it is not locked in place it's possible that it will self-eject the lighted tool.

To disassemble, you will do the reverse. Push down on the lighted tool and turn counterclockwise.

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