Riester Stethoscopes

Choose a Riester stethoscope for loud and clear auscultation of heart and lung sounds. Comfortable earpieces fit snugly in the ear to create an acoustic seal, blocking out background noise so you can assess patients faster and with greater accuracy. These lightweight stethoscopes can easily be carried around the neck or in your coat pocket. The durable tubing is resistant to cracks, simple to clean and folds nicely. Non-chill rims are standard for maximum patient comfort and compliance, especially with pediatric patients. Stainless steel chestpieces offer unmatched sound conduction and durability. Aluminum models are also available to suit your preference. Riester has over 60 years of experience manufacturing stethoscopes, so their acoustics are simply unmatched. Made in Germany, each Riester stethoscope is carefully inspected to ensure the utmost quality and a lifetime of better hearing. Go big on sound, not big on price.


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